Why Join DKI Canada?

DKI Canada is the only large, national, restoration organization that is 100% Canadian owned. By joining DKI, you benefit from being part of a nationally recognized company, without losing control of your business.

Become a Member

DKI Canada is Canada’s leading network of restoration companies, with over 30 years presence in the restoration industry. We serve more Canadians, from urban centers to rural villages, than any other restoration provider. This breadth of service is reflected by our motto, Across the street, Across the country. Our strength is in our size and the diverse array of business owners and professionals in our Network.

The DKI Canada Network is driven by more than just the bottom line. Our Members care about building relationships, helping people in time of need, and serving their local communities. That spirit defines DKI Canada and our Membership.

To find out if you meet these benchmarks, and to speak to someone about the becoming a Member, please call our head office at 905-820-0188 to speak to a regional account director.

From coast-to-coast DKI Canada Members are available 24/7, 365 days a year providing full and comprehensive residential and commercial restoration services.