Community Involvement and Sustainability

At DKI Canada we believe in the importance of making a positive impact on the environment, our community, and our society. This value is engrained in our corporate culture and embraced by all DKI Members across the country.

Building a Sustainable Future

DKI Canada is committed to building a sustainable future. We are keenly aware of the interrelationship between the three dimensions of sustainability: society, environment, and economy, and consider them in all decisions we make.

Through incorporating circular economy principles into our strategies, policies, technologies, and financial models that support sustainable development, we work to reduce environmental impact and increase the benefits to society and ecosystems.

DKI Members are proud supports of numerous green initiative charities, including Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, which allows Members to divert waste from landfills and support those in need within the community with accessible, quality home products and furniture.

We are also proud to introduce environmental initiatives within our organization that provide real opportunities to better support and create a healthy environment in which to live and work. These initiatives include the use of non-toxic green cleaning products, to help ease the concerns of our clients by returning their property to them in a state that is clear of toxic chemicals and fumes.

Our Members across Canada have trained staff and GRP’s (Green Risk Professionals) on site with the education and training to mitigate risk in environmentally sustainable ways. In addition, a framework of supplementary policies and codes embed sustainability across the DKI Canada network. Below are some of the overarching sustainability objectives of DKI Canada:

  • Diverting waste to landfills through leading restoration techniques
  • Reduce use of harsh chemicals and other cleaning agents.
  • Reduce water waste.
  • Reduce energy consumption.

We believe in the importance of sustainability, protecting the environment, health and safety of our planet and we have shifted to this focus in everything we do.

Giving Back to Our Community

DKI Canada prides itself on being involved in our community, both locally, and nationally. We believe in the importance of making a positive impact, through support of charities and ongoing volunteer involvement by our Leadership team and employees. Our Members share these goals, and pay close attention to the social, economic, and environmental effects of their operations and activities in their communities. DKI Canada was the first restoration company in Canada to become a certified military friendly employer, committed to hiring transitioning Canadian Armed Forces members, active Reserve Members Veterans, and active member spouses.

DKI Canada and our Members also make significant contributions to support educational opportunities, in the forms of bursaries and scholarships, at post-secondary institutions across Canada as part of our investment in future generations.

DKI will continue to take initiative and practice behaviours of good corporate social responsibility. It is engrained in our corporate culture and embraced by all DKI members across the country. We are enormously proud of our social, economic, and environmental approach to our communities and are committed to maintaining this fundamental core value, now and into the future. We welcome the opportunity to partner with others on further charitable initiatives.