Kitchen flooded

What to do When You Have Water Damage

Whether you are dealing with broken pipes, leaking appliances or a flooded basement, you have no time to waste in dealing with water damage repair. Once you find the source of the problem, here’s what the cleanup process will look like:

Protect your family and pets

The most important step after a flood or water damage is making sure you and your family are safe. Take what you need and leave the area, making sure to get to higher ground. Be aware of any electronics, in or near water, and avoid those areas.

Call your insurance provider and restoration company

Once you are safe, start the restoration process by calling your insurance provider and a trusted restoration company. Your insurance will vary depending on what policies you have in place. Not sure what restoration company to call? DKI Canada has Members from coast-to-coast available 24/7, click here to find a Member near you.

 Start the damage repair

Starting the repairs as soon as possible will help prevent mould and structural damage to the property. DKI Canada Members use a broad range of techniques, including water extraction, desiccant and LGR de-humidification and drying-in-place, to restore your home or business to its original condition.

Determine what items can be saved or restored

Did you know that many things, like your furniture, electronics and art, can be restored or repaired? How do you know what can be saved and what can’t be? Our Members can help you figure out what can be restored, and what needs to be tossed, and will use sustainable solutions whenever possible.

It may seem like a lot to deal with, but DKI Canada’s experienced Members will manage your water damage restoration project from start to finish. Giving you less to worry about, and getting you home sooner.