White wall with mould

Summer Heat Home Maintenance Tips to Avoid Mould

As the weather gets warmer, and as The Old Farmer's Almanac predicted a long and hot summer for 2023, it is the perfect time to make sure you do not have mold within your homes. There are many ways to prevent mold from spreading, here are some tips.  

Use air conditioning system on warmer days:  Heat and humidity within the home can cause mold. It is important to ensure that humidity is controlled. Having the air conditioner on can control the temperature of the home to ensure that the mold cannot grow. Mold grows if the temperature of the home is between 77F/25C and 86F/30C. Mold tends to thrive in damp, humid, and wet conditions. It is recommended to have an air conditioner unit within the home to ensure that mold does not grow.            

Close windows if rain permits: Moisture from rain can cause a lot of damage to the framing of your home. Weather stripping around windows and doors can become cracked and old over time, when it rains the water can seep into the cracks and cause mold. To prevent mold, make sure you immediately dry out wet areas and use dehumidifiers to dry out rooms. Make sure to keep up with the structural maintenance within your home.  

Fix pipes and/or appliances that may be leaking or causing leaks: Leaks tend to go undetected because of where they are located. Pipes are commonly located within walls or behind fixtures. Leaks almost always go undetected which can cause moisture buildup behind walls, under flooring, and in ceilings causing mold. If you take too long to discover the leaks, the mold starts growing from within.

Maintain gutters, drains and downspouts: Maintaining gutters, drains, and downspouts protects the foundation of your home. Making sure that they are not clogged and dirty is what needs to happen to prevent mold. Creating a consistent routine to make sure they are clear of all debris, will prevent mold and mildew from slipping right into the foundation of the home.

If mold is within your home, contact a DKI Member: Mould assessments, decontamination, remediation, and cleanup are just some of the steps DKI’s trained professionals will take to make sure your property is completely mould free and safe for everyone. Our Members use eco-friendly cleaning products to bring your home, business, and personal contents back to pre-loss condition, without harming the environment. Our mould and mildew remediation services include, Full mould removal and remediation, Cleaning of contents and deodorization.

By following these summer heat home maintenance tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of mold growth in your living space and ensure a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your family.