fall leaves with boot and hand touching the leaves

Essential Outdoor Fall Maintenance Tips

Preparing your home for fall is essential to ensure your outdoor space remains healthy and beautiful throughout the changing seasons. Here's a comprehensive guide to yard maintenance tasks you can consider before winter approaches.

Clean up leaves: As the leave start to fall, and the beautiful colors of the leaves cover your lawn, it is essential to remove them from your lawn as leaves are no good for the grass. If the leaves remain on the lawn, the leaves can smother the grass, and prevent new growth for the spring.

Mow the lawn: Gradually cutting the grass in the fall has a lot of benefits. The main benefits are it can help reduce the amount of snow mould (which is the brown spots on the lawn) when the snow melts in the spring. Make sure you do not cut the grass to short as the longer grass helps protect the roots during the winter.

Clean and Store Garden Equipment: Before winter sets in, clean and properly store your gardening tools and equipment to extend their lifespan. If your tools are left outside, they can be damaged by the weather causing them to either rust or the wooden handles to splint.

Prepare Outdoor Furniture: Firstly, before you prepare the outdoor furniture to be put away for the season, you will start with cleaning the furniture thoroughly. Make sure the furniture is completely dry before moving to the next step. After the furniture is clean, dissemble it, so that it can be stored properly. If the furniture has removable cushions, store them in the correct areas to prevent them from damage. Lastly, make sure all furniture is secured and stored in case of any severe weather.

Inspect Hardscaping: Making sure to check pathways, patios and other hardscaping features for cracks, or damages is essential for preparing your home for the fall season. Safety checks, drainage assessment, sealing and cleaning, repairs, and maintenance, are just a few examples of inspections that should take place before the seasons change. Inspecting your hardscaping as part of your fall preparations ensures the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Check Outdoor Lighting: Making sure all outdoor lighting in the fall is working is beneficial because of safety and security. As the days become shorter, having adequate lighting enhances safety and security around your property. Outdoor lighting is essential and will also help you elevate your yard!

Taking these steps will help ensure that your outdoor areas are well-maintained, safe, and ready to withstand the challenges of fall leading into the winter season. Maintenance is important, so prepare your home for the fall.