Winter storm sign

Don’t Let a Winter Storm Take You By Surprise

Winter storms can bring high winds, freezing rain and heavy snowfall. All of which can lead to power outages and property damage, leaving you, and your home vulnerable. Before the next winter storm hits, check out our tips to prepare for extreme winter weather.  

Winterize your home

Heavy snowfall, whether it comes during a storm or not, can cause structural and water damage to your property. Be prepared by doing a roof inspection before the next big snow, and look for any sign of broken shingles to ensure necessary repairs can be made before a winter storm hits.

Stay warm

If the power goes out during a blizzard, temperatures will drop significantly. Installing storm doors, and ensuring there are no gaps or cracks in your existing windows and doors, will help your home retain heat, even without power. If the power does go out, make sure to keep all doors shut and use towels to block anywhere a draft could enter, like underneath an exterior door.  

Keep your emergency kit stocked

In case of an emergency, authorities recommend having enough supplies to keep you and your family safe for at least three days if you should be stuck in your home. This includes stocking your emergency kit with drinking water, food, medical prescriptions, first-aid supplies, pet supplies, flashlights, a battery-operated radio and extra blankets.

Beware of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning

The danger of CO poisoning is greater during winter storms. To keep you and your family safe, proper ventilation is key. If you are using a generator, remember to install it outside, away from doors and windows to provide proper ventilation. If you are staying warm by a fireplace, ensure that the chimney has been thoroughly cleaned and maintained prior to starting the fire. It is also important to make sure that your smoke alarms and CO detectors have fresh batteries installed and are working correctly.

Stay informed

The best way to be prepared is to stay informed. Information on severe storm conditions and weather warnings are available at

If you have property damage, before or after a winter storm, DKI Canada's Member locations across Canada are available 24/7 to help. Whether the damage was wind, water or fire, we are here to help.