Canada’s Newest Franchise Celebrates 30th Anniversary

DKI Canada Corporation (DKI),formerly DKI Canada Ltd., is pleased to announce its official transition to a franchise model as it celebrates 30 years of coast-to-coast service in Canada.

Originally founded in 1992 by a pioneering group of like-minded Members, and built on cooperative principles, the transition from a membership network to a franchise system is the next step in the evolution of Canada’s leading network of restoration companies. DKI Canada will continue to serve more Canadians, from urban centers to rural villages, than any other restoration provider.

“Our overall philosophy, social beliefs and operating structure will remain consistent with our founding mission, vision, and values,” says Chris Schmidt, CEO of DKI Canada Corporation. “Our Members, and everyone who works for DKI Canada, are driven by more than just the bottom line.”

DKI has an unrivaled presence in Canada’s restoration industry with 78 Member locations from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Newly transitioned to a franchise, they will continue to build upon the reputation for consistency, stability, and national coverage that they are known for, while supporting communities across Canada.  The shared values that lead to the creation of DKI; community involvement, sustainability, and performance, will remain a large influence on business practices throughout the future.

“Our Members care about building relationships, helping people, and serving their communities,” says Schmidt. “That spirit is what we were built on, and what will continue to define us through the next 30 years, and beyond.”

With the franchise transition officially completed on February 1, 2022, DKI looks forward to continuing their30-year legacy of exceptional service and customer focused results.