Ocean view, sun glinting on water
Blog/ Summer Travel Tips That Respect the Planet May 23, 2019

Summer Travel Tips That Respect the Planet

Ocean view, sun glinting on water

Summer is finally, finally starting to arrive. While the warm season doesn’t officially begin until June 21, temperatures throughout Canada are starting to warm up. If you’ll be spending time at the cottage or jetting off to a tropical island, or even swimming in your own backyard, we’ve got some summer travel (and staycation) tips that respect the planet.

Summer Travel Tips

  • Reef-friendly sunscreen. These are sunscreens that don’t contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can cause coral bleaching (and are banned in Hawaii). Some reef-friendly brands include SunBum, thinksport, and Raw Elements.
  • Eat local. This is something you can do even if you’re spending the summer at the cottage, or your own home. Local farmers’ markets support your own community or the community you’re vacationing in. Eating local also means your food didn’t travel long distances, potentially cutting down on carbon emissions in the process.
  • BYOWB. Bring Your Own Water Bottle! Plastic water bottles are one of the biggest sources of pollution throughout the world. Not only that, but investing in a reusable water bottle makes good economic sense, too.
  • Reduce your AC use. When you’re not home and your house is empty, turning down the AC will save you money and help save the planet. When you’re away on vacation somewhere warm, turn down the AC while you’re not in your hotel room (turn off your lights, too!). Taking advantage of windows on cool summer nights is another way to cut back on AC use.

Enjoy your summer, but keep the planet in mind while you do! DKI Canada is the most green restoration company in Canada, and we are committed to helping cut back on climate change wherever possible.

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