Staying Green While You Clean

With spring well underway, and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to tackle those spring-cleaning chores you may have put off. Here are some of our favourite ways to tidy up while helping the environment at the same time.

Donate Clothing

Cleaning out your closets and getting rid of things that no longer fit, or are no longer your style, is a common task on the spring-cleaning check list. Instead of throwing out the unwanted items, consider donating them. Clothing pick-ups can be arranged through various charitable organizations, such as Big Brothers and Sisters, Community Living Associations, Salvation Army, Safetynet Children & Youth Charities and many more. Check in your community to see who is currently accepting donations.

Don’t Trash Old Furniture & Appliances

If you’re upgrading furniture that is still in good condition, try to avoid putting it in the trash. Check with local organizations about their donation programs and if they can use your old items. There are also places where old furniture can be dropped off for scrap recycling, depending on where you live this is a great option for avoiding contributing to already overfull landfills.

Take advantage of electronic recycling programs

Got electronics that can’t be repaired or reused? Look up the closest electronic recycling drop boxes so your old computer, cell phone or printer can be recycled for their parts. Many components used in electronics require the use of natural resources that are being depleted, recycling your old electronics helps slow this process down. In some provinces you can even get money back for dropping off your old electronics.

Recycle Paper Products

If you are cleaning out your desk drawers and office, make sure to recycle all the paper that you can. The same goes for left over present or tissue paper. Remember if you are recycling confidential documents, it is always best to make sure you shred them first. Had a lot of deliveries in the last year due to the lockdown or a big fan of Amazon Prime delivery? Make sure to break down and recycle the packaging and boxes your purchases arrived in.

DIY Cleaning Products

When it comes time to do the actual scrubbing, consider making your own household cleaners. They can be just as effective as many store-bought ones, have fewer health hazards and often smell better. There are lots of great recipes online to make cleaning products at home, but many of them contain common kitchen staples like baking soda and vinegar.

Paper towels are convenient, but they also create a lot of excess trash. Consider doing your scrubbing with old clothes ripped into rags or reusable cloths.

When it comes to staying green while cleaning, DKI Canada and our members are proud to lead the way in the disaster restoration industry. We use green equipment and products whenever possible and are constantly educating ourselves and our members on new technologies and techniques.