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Member Spotlight

Check out some of the amazing things our Members have done in their local communities.

DKI - Disaster Rx

Kingston, Ontario

Congratulations to DKI - Disaster Rx who opened a second location in Kingston, ON.

Since the opening of their first location in Mississauga, ON this summer, DKI - Disaster Rx has experienced incredible growth.  The decision to open a second location and expand their presence to Kingston and the surrounding areas was a logical step in the business growth strategy for DKI - Disaster Rx President Rex Alarcon.

DKI - Pro Pacific

Victoria, British Columbia

DKI - Pro Pacific's Director of Project Management & Sales, Drew Smith jumped off of a bridge dressed in a tutu and raised $1,200 for the Victoria Brain Injury Society and the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society. Drew was part of the Toss the Boss fundraising event.

DKI - Barclay Restorations

Surrey, British Columbia

DKI - Barclay Restorations has not only been working to help service claims of families affected by the flooding and mud slides in November of 2021, but also donated $1,000 to the Z95.3 FM Flood Relief Friday initiative in partnership with the Salvation Army Canada.

Contributions from Z95.3 FM Flood Relief Friday will go towards helping BC families and businesses affected by the floods.