Blog/ Lightning Safety Tips August 12, 2019

Lightning Safety Tips

With the amount of thunderstorms all over Canada in recent weeks, causing power outages and giving tourists on fishing boats a lightning show, we wanted to go over a few lightning safety tips for the next time you’re caught in a storm.

Lightning is more likely to strike in the summer, and we’ve still got over a month of the warm season left.

Here are 5 ways to protect yourself during a thunderstorm.

  1. Seek shelter in low-lying areas. You don’t want to be the tallest point in a lightning storm!
  2. Avoid water. Get out of the pool and get to dry land. Lightning can spread fast and far in the water.
  3. Cars are safe. Don’t get out in the middle of a storm if there is no available shelter nearby. If you do get out, watch for downed power lines.
  4. If you’re in your home or another building, stay there. And while you’re at it, keep away from windows.
  5. Avoid water inside the home as well. Wait for that shower or bath, as lightning can travel through the pipes.

Heed weather warnings in your surrounding area, and take proper precautions for safety during any storm.

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