Green Cleaning

Four white gallons and one containers use for cleaning

The biggest issue with property damage arising from fire or water is odours. It doesn’t matter if the fire involved protein or if the water came from a fireman’s hose, river, rainfall, discharged sprinklers or just from an overflowed toilet bowl, but at some point it will cause the furniture and carpets, walls and papers, to smell. Left a little longer, sometimes as little as 12 hours, wet contents will become food for growth of moulds.

Traditionally the emergency restoration industry has used harsh chemicals to both reduce the smell, and to disinfect the surfaces during the cleanup operation.

Well today, DKI Canada has an alternative. We use and strongly promote environmentally friendlier products so that when they go down the drain they do not cause further environmental issues. At the same time, they won’t exacerbate health problems for people living or working in the building, some of whom are highly sensitive to chemical fumes and residues.

Biologicals are plant-based spores or dormant bacteria. An exploding, new chemistry is identifying and expanding the use of these ‘good’ bacteria to bring us new ways to clean. The new approach is to bring massive numbers of bacteria, specifically engineered to digest the dirt we want to remove, to where the dirt is. Essentially we are biodegrading at the point of cleaning. The overall effect is to significantly reduce the impact of wastes and cleaning on our environment.

The bacteria (spores) become active when they meet the dirt they are designed to digest. The trick is to have lots – billions actually – of bacteria available. We combine the bacteria with environmentally friendly technology that breaks up the dirt so the bacteria can more easily digest it.

When all these things are done properly, restoration and cleaning becomes so much simpler than we have known before and offers solutions to problems we have struggled with for decades. New biological technology easily digests:

  • Sewage & Water Damage
  • Fuel Oil Odour & Spills
  • Skunk Odour
  • Cat Urine
  • Odour from Protein Fires
  • Carpet & Upholstery Soils
  • Washroom & Shower Soils
  • Sewage Odours
  • Grease in Traps and Drains

Bacteria based cleaning products can keep doing their work long after they are applied. They are like a no-charge work force that stays around after the job is done.

Biologics does the job the same way Mother Nature does it – just a lot faster. Not only is the technology environmentally safe, but it is also much safer for the user versus traditional cleaners. With these solutions there are no hazardous residues and they are easier and safer to store and transport. These products are Green Seal Certified.