Restoring What Matters Most!


DKI Canada Contents Solution is our name for a suite of services designed to address the management of contents cleaning, restoration, and inventory management. Now our clients can get all their contents restored in one place with proven technology and processes.

Additionally, because of our goal to save insurers 80% on contents indemnity payments, when you choose a DKI Canada member, you will be able to make a better impact on the environment while creating a more positive relationship with insurers.

DKI Canada members use hydraulic pressure with specially formulated detergents to clean contaminants and odours. They then test them to ensure that bacteria has been removed from any and all contents you may need restored.

  • Clothing
  • Leather Goods (Purses, Belts, Luggages, etc.)
  • Shoes
  • Industrial Goods
  • Sports Goods

Electronic Contents

We are definitely in an electronic age. The number of televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers, and electrical appliances in each home or business has increased exponentially in recent years. This is what makes the Electronics Restoration System and Process a key component of the DKI Canada Contents Solution.

The Electronics Restoration System and Process allows DKI Canada members to restore a high percentage of these electronic components at an average of 20% of their replacement value. This saves insurers an average of 80% per item! Our mobile unit allows us to clean industrial equipment, both mechanical and electronic right on site.