The Importance of a Pro: Restoration Edition

October 18, 2017

5 Reasons to Call in a Professional 


So, you’ve just experienced a homeowner’s worst nightmare: A disaster that’s left your home flooded, gutted, or burned. And now, to save a few bucks or maybe just to take on complete control of the project, you’re thinking of restoring it yourself.

You might wanna think again.

Below are five important reasons you should bring in the pros for any major home restoration.

  1. Drying is key.

    If your home has suffered from water damage, quick and efficient drying of all interior space is essential. Moisture that you may not be able to see can cause further damage beyond the immediate standing water, including potential microbial hazards.

  2. Black water.

    Black water is a category of water that is completely unsanitary; Category 3 in the water chain (the worst). It is often present in a flood, and is highly contaminated. It could cause death or serious illness to people and animals. It includes harmful bacteria and fungi, and is a serious risk after any type of water damage. It’s best to let professionals handle this hazardous water.

  3. Mould. 

    Mould is a contaminate many people think they can easily remove themselves; unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For one, you need to carefully identify the type of mould you’re dealing with (different types require different removal methods). In addition, disturbing the mould can release high concentrations of spores into the air, potentially causing harm to you and your family. Call in a professional to determine the best way to remediate your home.

  4. Soot and smoke damage.

    Fire isn’t the only threat to a home in crisis. After the fire is out, soot and smoke can cause harm to both your health and your home. It needs to be cleaned properly so no trace is left behind, which can cause further damage.

  5. Technology & Equipment.

    For all the above and more, restoration professionals have the proper equipment and up-to-date technology to restore your home, leaving it not only physically appealing, but safe for your family. This includes air movers/drying equipment, proper mould remediation chemicals, smoke and soot cleaners, water/flood extraction, odour control, and more.

A professional restoration company will be able to properly make your home inhabitable once again, while keeping you and your family safe.

Don’t be tempted to take on the work yourself. Bring in a professional.

 If you need restoration services, please give DKI a call at 1-855-DKI-2Day.

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