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Blog/ Going Green for Spring April 3, 2018

Going Green for Spring

While it doesn’t feel like it for many Canadians, we’ve been “enjoying” spring for a few weeks now. Temperatures are struggling to rise, no one has put away their winter jackets just yet, and snow isn’t totally out of the question for April. But in the spirit of springing things along and getting into the new bloom spirit, let’s take a look at a few ways you and your family can go green for spring.

When you’re cleaning out your winter closet, and going through warm weather items that you will no longer wear this year, don’t throw them out! Instead, donate your gently used clothing to a local charity or clothing bank – or give them to people you know who could use the help. Here are a few options for different cities throughout Canada:


Consider donating to a charity listed above, or find one close to you! There are dozens of organizations that desperately need gently used clothing and household items for families in need.

Recycle your papers. If you’ve got leftover wrapping paper from Christmas (or Easter), or have cardboard boxes waiting to go to the dump, be sure to put them in your blue bin or drop them off to a recycling site!

Don’t put your larger household items in the trash. If they’re still in working condition, these can sometimes go to charities such as those listed above. If they’re no longer working and unrepairable, there are drop-off locations that specifically recycle items like desktop computers, telephones, televisions, and more. Be sure you find one in your area so your once-loved electronics don’t rot in a landfill!

A few extra green lifestyle changes to consider…

Making your own cleaners – do you really want to clean your home with chemicals? Homemade household cleaners are just as effective as store-bought, and have few hazards to your health and the environment.

Ditch paper towels – they’re convenient, but they create a lot of excess trash. Consider using dish rags and other reusable materials for cleaning and scrubbing.

If you’re looking for a vacation to feel real spring weather, look into ecotourism. Ecotourism emphasizes supporting conservation efforts and educating people (as well as families) on how to support wildlife.

DKI Canada is leading the way in the green movement in the disaster restoration industry. We use green equipment and products when possible, and are always open for innovation in this area. We’d love to hear your suggestions for us – feel free to contact us with any suggestions on going green, or leave a comment below on how you and your family help to protect our planet!

As always, if you are ever affected by a severe storm or other disaster, please give us a call anytime at 1-855-DKI-2DAY.

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