The Benefits of DKI Affiliation
April 23, 2014

Disaster cleanup is a tough job, but we’re happy to do it. DKI has spread throughout North America, becoming the biggest restoration contracting organization in the continent. Our affiliates are constructed of the best property damage and restoration owners. There are many factors that have contributed to the success of DKI, but what sits at the heart of it all is the dedication to customers and quality work. Take a look at some of the top reasons to join DKI, taking with you this title.

The Benefits
Becoming a DKI member is a career path full of benefits. Among the many advantages that will be gained joining will allow you to:

  1. Continue running your disaster restoration business for yourself but not completely on your own. The top restoration companies have the opportunity to join DKI and reap the benefits here with marketing and financial back value without losing the core of their work.
  2.  Brand recognition is one of the most difficult parts of any industry. It can be difficult to network your name to others, and establish yourself as a trusted force. With the name of DKI backing you, customers will recognize you as a trusted and valuable disaster cleanup company. Since the 70s, DKI has established itself as a leader in disaster restoration.
  3.  Establish yourself as a leader in the industry. DKI is moving forward with the trends and the technology that continue to the improve the work of disaster restoration. This can be seen in our high service standards.
  4.  Standing out against competitors is critical in any industry. DKI gives their members the benefits and opportunities that will allow them to stand out against others, increasing their business.
  5. Because of how widespread DKI is – over 500 locations in North America – greater opportunities can come your way. DKI companies have been contracted for large scale projects that would not have been offered if it wasn’t for the title of DKI.

How to Join
Joining DKI isn’t something that anybody can do. There are requirements for new members to meet before joining. To start out, you must be a restoration company with full services, not currently be involved with a different franchise, and have a minimum level of revenue. All of these requirements help to maintain the integrity of DKI and keep the main principles we run on an essential part of the name.
Contact our head office to talk directly to a regional manager to find out if joining DKI is something that could possibly be in your restoration company’s future. This change will improve the quality of your business, bringing you more opportunities down the road.

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