Helpful Summer Safety Tips
June 5, 2014

Summer is the season for outdoor activities. From vacations to backyard barbecues, summertime is generally a relaxing and enjoyable time for people to get outdoors and recreate. As summer gradually becomes official over the next couple of weeks, it is worth considering some helpful safety tips for homes and businesses. While summers in many regions are a low time for severe disasters, risks are always present and there are a variety of other more common things to take into account as the temperatures warm and the days fill with activity. Here are a few useful safety tips for summer.

Be Fire Prepared

Fires are a big part of the summer season. Camping, home fire pits, and barbecues are all popular activities involving fire. Fire damage is a common cause of disasters and a real risk during the summer. Hot temperatures and poor fire safety are a disastrous combination. Fires can easily get out of control–especially when unattended–and lead to serious property damage. When having fires in the summer it is essential to have safety protocols in place to quickly extinguish out of control flames. A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are the two best options for safeguarding surroundings anywhere you have a fire. Always remain aware of potential for fires to spread or ignite surrounding objects from embers.

Maintain Home Cooling Systems

As the summer heat increases, you will likely begin to use swamp coolers or air conditioners to cool the home. Making sure all components of the systems are in working order is important to efficiency and safety. In some places, having a central cooling system is all but a necessity as temperatures climb to dangerous levels. Ensuring that all duct-work and ventilation as well as system components are in good condition will assure that you remain cool and comfortable as temperatures rise this summer. Have your air conditioner serviced or begin cleaning and preparing your swamp cooler soon. Heat stroke and exhaustion are real risks during consistently high temperatures, so have your home cooling systems maintained and ready.

Stay Hydrated During Activity

Recreating outdoors is one of the best parts about summer weather. It is extremely important, however, to remain hydrated during physical activity–particularly during the hottest times of day. Consider exercising outdoors during the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler and you won’t dehydrate as quickly. Even when exercising at these times, you should still drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks to prevent overheating. Timing your exercises and remaining hydrated will help ensure that you stay safe during your summer outdoor activities.

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