Happy Canada Day!
July 2, 2014

July 1st has come again and it’s time to celebrate Canada Day. As one of the biggest holidays of the year, Canada Day commemorates the unification of the three original Canadian colonies into a single Canada. The unification came under the enactment of the Constitution Act of 1867, which facilitated the merging of the Province of Canada into four provinces. This act finalized the reclamation of the Canadian constitution from the British parliament and the British North American Act.

Modern Significance

The importance of commemorating Canada Day as a symbol of national unity is important to this day since well into the 20th Century many Canadians identified closely with either Britain or France due to the close political and social relationship. The Canada Act helped to solidify national unity among Canadians across provinces and strengthen a national conscience as British political control was dissolved. Today, it is mostly a day to reflect on national pride and have a great time.

Celebrating Canada Day

Canada Day is meant to be a day to celebrate, relax, and spend time with family and friends. Many businesses are closed today and most Canadians have the day off work. Outdoor events like parades, carnivals, concerts, barbecues, and firework shows are popular activities among most average Canadians. Formal events are also held in Ottawa, with officials, governors, and the prime minister attending.
This Canada Day there is plenty to do–fireworks, sporting events, concerts, barbecues, and parades. Canada Day celebrations will take place all over the country and around the world as Canadians gather in parks, plazas, and take to the streets to celebrate this festive occasion. If you are outside of Canada and comes across a mass of Canadian flags and a festive grouping of people, you’ve stumbled upon a Canada Day celebration.

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