Five of the Most Haunted Places in Canada!

October 24, 2017

With the warm, enjoyable temperatures spread over most of Ontario, it’s hard to believe it’s nearly November! But the end of October is just around the corner, and with it comes the fun-filled and spook-tacular Halloween holiday. If you’re tired of your usual trick-or-treating routine, or your kids are now easily-bored teenagers, take a look below at some of the most haunted places in Canada. Maybe you’ll take a road trip and spot a ghost this Halloween (or just check out some really cool, old architecture).

  1. Keg Mansion in Toronto, Ontario

    Built in 1867, this steakhouse has a troublesome past. A number of people died in the home, including a maid who supposedly hung herself. Many restaurant-goers have reported seeing the maid near the stairs, and others have claimed to see the ghost of a little boy running and playing there, too. Check it out yourself near All Hallows’ Eve, and see what spirits you might find!

  2. Fairmont Château Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario.

    This beautiful hotel was opened in 1912 (a time when private rooms cost just $2/night!). More than a few guests have claimed to experience a ghostly visitor while staying in Chateau Laurier: Some say they could actually feel invisible entities touching their arms and hands. People claim the ghost is that of the former owner, Charles Melville Hays. If you’re up for a fright, spend a night there in Ottawa; if you’re faint of heart, book your stay away from the Charles Melville Hays memorial suite!

  3. Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC.

    Completed in 1908, this castle is famous! It’s featured in the X-Men movies as Professor Xavier’s School. Since 1930, there have been reports of hauntings and ghostly sightings, believed to be the spirits of the original family, the Dunsmuirs. It is now home to Royal Roads University, and is open for tours, if you dare!

  4. Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta.

    Another Fairmont hotel makes the list (Fairmonts are the oldest hotels in Canada). Visitors to the Banff Springs hotel believe that the ghost of a former bellman named Sam, who died in 1975, haunts the elevators around the hotel. There’s also reports of a ghost bride who, as legend goes, tripped down the stairs and died from her injuries on the day of her wedding inside the hotel. Staff and guests have reportedly seen a ghostly veiled figure wandering up and down the stairs. If you’re in the mood for some rest and relaxation, with a side of fright, book your stay at Banff Springs!

  5. Peggy’s Point Lighthouse in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

    Peggy’s Point is an active lighthouse built in 1915, famed for its beautiful view. But it’s allegedly got a darker side: It’s haunted by a European woman who longed to be reunited with her children across the sea. The story goes that her husband tried to bring her laughter by dancing along the rocks of the Cove, slipped, and drowned. Since then, visitors have reported seeing a woman walking dangerously close to the sea, on the rocky ledge. If you’re interested in a ghost sighting, stop by for a visit – there’s a museum right up the road dedicated to the history of the lighthouse.

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