Fall Lawn Care in Five

November 6, 2017

Winter is coming (are you tired of hearing that yet?), and soon most of our lawns will be blanketed in snow. It’s easy to forget about your yard when you’re not dragging the mower out every week, and your only time outside is running from your warm car to your warm house. But with some simple prep now (while it’s not bone-chillingly cold yet), you can ensure your yard is looking great when all that snow starts to melt in the spring! Below, find five easy ways to make sure your lawn stays in tip top shape.

  1. Feed it!

    Start nourishing your lawn now, before it gets too cold. A special fall fertilizer should be applied sooner than late, when the plants are still able to absorb nutrients. With a proper fall feeding, your lawn will be able to survive the cold winter and come back healthy and green in the spring.

  2. Over seed it!

    Before the first snowfall, over-seed your lawn if you notice thin or bare spots in your grass. Over-seeding will help your lawn grow thicker for spring, and as an added bonus, a thick lawn helps prevent weeds from taking over your yard.

  3. Mow it!

    Even though summer is long gone, it’s a good idea to continue mowing your grass until it stops growing. It won’t be nearly as frequent as in the summer months, and you can decrease the height of your mower too, but don’t put your lawn mower away for the season until it’s done growing.

  4. Aeration!

    Aeration is the process of perforating the soil to create holes that help water, light, and nutrients reach the grass roots. This gives your lawn a chance to receive nutrients that will keep it strong for spring, and result in a lusher lawn during the warmer seasons.

  5. About those leaves…

    The jury is out on this one. Many believe that fallen leaves are a natural fertilizer and mulch, while others think the leaves prevent sunlight from reaching the grass while also leaving behind a decayed mess. If you’re on the fence and want to tidy up your own lawn, rake the leaves into your flower beds or use around your trees as mulch.

With a little bit of prep work and planning, you can keep your lawn in tip top shape so when spring finally comes, your yard will be patio ready, too!

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