Blog/ Canada’s Winter Weather Predictions, 2018-2019 September 14, 2018

Canada’s Winter Weather Predictions, 2018-2019

Mid-way through September, many parts of Canada are still enjoying warm, summer temperatures while other places have already received their first snowfall of the season. In the GTA this weekend, residents will be able to enjoy a sunny, warm. By sharp contrast, Alberta and B.C. are under snowfall and freezing rain warnings over the next several days. So just what does this winter season have in store for the country?

Here are a few of Canada’s winter weather predictions for 2018-2019.

According to The Farmer’s Almanac, this winter forecast will be very, very cold and very, very long. While most of Canada, according the Almanac, will experience bitingly cold weather, B.C. may be saved with only “typical winter temperatures”. And in the Prairies, there will be lots of cold and lots of snow. The Almanac predicts winter weather really getting started in November, with “two or three big storms that cover a good part of Canada” coming in December.


Environment Canada has a different take on this year’s upcoming cold season. The senior climatologist for Environment Canada disputes the Farmer’s Almanac bone-chilling cold claims. Instead, Dave Phillips has said that while winter will certainly come, it will likely be shorter and less harsh than last year. He predicts a milder than average winter, due to El Nino. He also has predicted a smooth transitional period from summer to fall in most parts of the country. As of the very end of August, he made sure to mention there’s still plenty of summer left in the forecast.

Their official fall forecast shows that for September-November of 2018, temperatures will be above normal in most of the  country.

Tell that to Alberta…

But hopefully the rest of us will enjoy a mild fall and winter season!

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