5 Ways to Slow Down Climate Change

March 12, 2018

The past few weeks, we’ve discussed varying ways climate change impacts the environment, including the weather, and therefore the human population: From mental health impacts to technology needed in more severe weather events, to what types of insurance homeowners should purchase for use in catastrophic events.

Today, let’s talk about practical ways we can all reduce our carbon footprint, and thus slow down climate change.

Go Beyond Recycling.

We all know that recycling paper, plastic, glass, and metal is helpful for the environment. But wouldn’t it be even better if we didn’t have much to put in the blue bins? The reality is that as of January 1, 2018, China – which recycled about 66% of North America’s recyclables – has placed new purity standards of recyclable material which has caused plastic pile ups (and more) in Canada. So how can we reduce our recycling, and our garbage? Here are a few ways:

  • Ditch plastic bags
  • Buy stainless steel or other reusable straws (carry them with you!)
  • Repair, don’t discard
  • No more disposable plates!
  • Cancel mail you no longer need or read

Go Green with your Commute.

The transportation sector accounts for about a quarter of all of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. If possible, walk or bike to work. If not, try carpooling or car sharing, or, if it’s financially possible, even consider investing in an electric car (and take into account the amount of gas you would save if you made the switch).

Choose your food carefully.

You might be wondering what food has to do with climate change. In reality, the answer is: A lot. Research has shown cutting down on meat consumption could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 60%. The meat and dairy industry produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, as does processed food. Eating local and supporting small farms can help, too!

Advocate, and/or use clean energy sources.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and some provinces may offer incentives to do this, and even help pay for it. If your utility company doesn’t offer renewable power options, such as wind farms, ask them to. Businesses respond to demand. If there’s no demand, there’s no change.

Be energy efficient around your own home.

This one is the most accessible to everyone, and we should all be taking full advantage of it! Turn off lights when you’re not using them, change your bulbs to LEDs, wash clothes in cold water, hang dry when possible, and use programmable thermostats.

Preventing or slowing down climate change is all of our responsibility – preserving this planet for our children and beyond is essential. DKI is the leader in the green movement and has the largest number of GRP (green risk professionals) in Canada. We at DKI Canada use green equipment and products when possible in our effort to slow down climate change, and are always looking into new ways to protect our environment. We ask you to do the same.

As always, if you ARE ever affected by a severe storm, please give us a call anytime at 1-855-DKI-2DAY.

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